VIVO V21 5G battery test, the surprise of the mid-range

From time to time terminals appear that give the bell and one of those that in our opinion achieves it in this 2021 is the VIVO V21 5G. We have tested what this device offers in the autonomy section, and the truth is that the results are much better than anyone might think.

When verifying that this is a model that has a 4,000 mAh battery, which allows it to maintain a very low thickness of only 7.3 millimeters, it is possible that doubts may enter regarding the good behavior of this terminal at the time to offer a very long time of use. But the truth is that we have already announced that the results we have obtained from testing the smartphone on a daily basis have left us very surprised and, therefore, we believe that an excellent job has been done with it.

As is logical to think that this device does not lack fast charging, and again there is good news, since it is among the best you can buy right now in the mid-range (within the models that have a similar price). This is because it reaches a power of 33 W, which is more than enough to always convince when filling the battery, even if you have very little time. Obviously, taking into account that this is a fairly inexpensive terminal that does not include a wireless option, it is not something that should be criticized, far from it.

Great results in the autonomy of the VIVO V21 5G

The truth is, no matter where you look at the results we have achieved when testing how long a battery charge lasts for this phone, they are always very positive. Exceeding the day of use is something that you will achieve without the slightest problem and generally you will be able to go something beyond lunchtime without depriving yourself of practically anything. The truth is that the combination of its processor (a MediaTek Dimensity 800U 5G) and an OLED panel that manages consumption well are the reasons for everything to go perfectly.

So much so, that the results obtained exceed on many occasions those we have seen in phones that have a 5,000 mAh battery, which is especially due to the fact that many of them use IPS screens that are not specially optimized. In the case of using it while browsing intensively or playing games, you will be really satisfied with what you will get without having to make any adjustments to the operating system.

The screen is a virtue

When we proceed to check how the VIVO V21 5G behaves if the screen is always on, either consuming videos or doing any other type of work, timing is also really important. Generally, you will exceed 13 hours of use on a regular basis, something that is largely achieved by the efficiency of the panel when it comes to displaying moving images especially if they have a 16: 9 aspect ratio.

But we want to emphasize that with regular use and without demanding a game or similar, you will not have many problems to be able to reach 15 hours of use without having to charge anything. This is a quite impressive brand and one that allows it to be completely different from the competition. Certainly, the surprise was quite big, since we did not expect such good performance and without also having any problem with the performance drop or with the temperature.

A software that gives the fair in the VIVO V21 5G

The version of the Android operating system that this phone uses is 11. This is good news, as it is quite well up to date. Above all, use Funtouch 11.1, which is a layer that offers a large number of options, although in the battery section you will not find more numerous others. It does not lack the power to activate a saving mode to be able to manage the energy consumption of the applications that are in the background (something always positive of course).

The truth is that we expected something more, but apart from a message that tells you if the operation of the apps is normal or not, you will not find much more than being able to activate the battery percentage in the top bar or to be able to see the battery use by means of a graph with respect to the last time a charge was made. Enough, yes, but nothing that exceeds much of what Google’s operating system offers.

Fast charging, above average

The technology it uses is FlashCharge 2.0 and you will find a charger that will allow you to make the most of the 33 W of power, which is the limit that this terminal can reach. With a fairly simple way of working and without going into complex algorithms to offer processes as quickly as possible, it must be said that this is a model that is not going to provide you with any problem regarding temperature, taking into account that the Heat rises a bit when using Quick Charge.

If you wonder about the charging times that you are going to get with the VIVO V21 5G, the most important thing you should know is that if you have the phone completely discharged and you start charging it, you will be able to reach a range between 61 and 63% in so just 30 minutes. A pretty good brand and that perfectly meets the aforementioned brand of potency. To get to the top, you will have to apply about an hour.


We have to point out that we quite liked the VIVO V21 5G when assessing its autonomy, since it behaves excellently in regular use and also when the screen is always on. Without varying the results much regardless of the frequency that the screen uses, so 90 Hz is managed in an excellent way, the truth is that this is a highly recommended phone.

It is true that we expected something more from the included operating system, but this does not lose the appeal of good battery management and, therefore, it is something that can be overlooked considering how well it is. It behaves, a phone that shows that it is completely possible to manage 4,000 mAh in an excellent way without the user being affected in the use of the terminal. In our opinion, a great job was done by VIVO.

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