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VIVO X60 Pro 5G camera test, does your 48 MP sensor meet?

One of the sections that has gained in importance in all mobile phones is that which has to do with photography. Manufacturers strive to provide the best options without triggering the price of the terminal in question, and we have tested what the VIVO X60 Pro 5G offers in this section and we will tell you the sensations that the terminal has left us at the time of use your camera.

The first thing is to indicate the hardware that you are going to find in the equipment we are talking about. One of the things that must be taken into account is that the manufacturer has had the collaboration of Zeiss, which is always life insurance when it comes to achieving good results both when taking photos and when recording videos. This is what you will find in the photographic section on the phone we are talking about:

  • 48 MP main camera with focal aperture of F: 1.5, 26 mm, 0.8 µm, PDAF, Gimbal OIS
  • 13 MP telephoto camera with F / 2.5 aperture, 0.8 µm, PDAF and 2X optical zoom
  • Camera for the wide angle of 13 MP with focal length of F / 2.2 and 120 degrees
  • 32 MP selfie camera with focal aperture of F / 2.5 and 0.8 µm

Altogether a good number of sensors are offered that in principle should be more than enough to achieve good results in a good number of situations. Therefore, taking this into account in principle, quite positive things should be expected when evaluating the VIVO X60 Pro 5G in the photographic section.

Photo quality of the VIVO X60 Pro 5G, is it good?

It must be said that in general the results are quite decent when taking photos with this phone, but there is something that has become quite clear to us when carrying out work with the resolution that is activated by default in the terminal (which is 12 MP). In general, images are somewhat more saturated than expected. It is not a terrible failure, since we are not talking about something very pronounced and that thanks to a good dynamic range it is partially solved, since it works in an excellent way. A good detail is that there is not much presence of noise in normal conditions, yes that in some moments when shooting just after focusing we discover somewhat blurred edges.

Using the maximum possible resolution, 48 MP, it must be said that both the noise and the detail behave very well but in the latter case the work done with the aforementioned option is not significantly improved. Of course, saturation is reduced (the contrast remains just as good) therefore the images do have a somewhat greater realism, which is also appreciated.

Zoom and wide, good behavior

In the first case, we have loved the work done by the VIVO X60 Pro 5G. Here you can see the work done by the gimbal integrated in the main sensor to achieve a fairly high precision when approaching the lens and not add noise. Of course, at the ends of the images you do notice something less precision than desirable. Taking photos with the wide angle is where we have achieved more solid results with this phone. The excessive saturation disappears as if by magic and the focus is really good without aberrations at the ends or in the areas bordering the upper and lower zone. We have also loved the realism of the colors where an excellent dynamic range continues to be shown in this device and, the truth is that the work carried out has seemed very round to us. Other options in photography with the VIVO X60 Pro 5G

Here we want to highlight the sections that have become very important for users. The first has to do with images when there is a low light situation or even when it is night. The results we have obtained seem quite correct, since the processing carried out by software is quite fast and precise, although some noise does not stop appearing (especially around artificial light sources). The built-in eigenmode is very competent, but it does not offer any substantial improvements than the default choice that Artificial Intelligence makes when detecting a shot in normal mode. In everything that has to do with portraits, there are good benefits, since the detection of the element to be preserved is very good and, in addition, the corresponding profiling is carried out in a fairly precise way. There is no drop in brightness as in some other terminals of the same product range and, yes, the time that passes between the shot and the shot is more elevated than expected so you should have some patience and the target moves as little as possible.

Video recording with the phone

As it cannot be otherwise, work can be done with 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. The quality is very good and here it should also be noted that the saturation seen in the photos by default disappears automatically when you are recording. With a fairly quick approach and without making jumps that may annoy, you can get more than decent results to be able to publish them on platforms like YouTube without the slightest problem.

It is important to note that there are two stabilization options. If the integrated cardan is used, the results are excellent, since it achieves a fluidity and fixation that are within the reach of very few models of the market to which it is directed. In the case of not using this possibility, EIS is used which, although not bad, does not reach the aforementioned levels. The fact is that here we believe that the VIVO X60 Pro 5G behaves in a differential way.

Camera view of the VIVO X60 Pro 5G

The truth is that this phone behaves quite well when taking photos and recording videos, since the definition is quite high in all kinds of situations and the absence of noise is the most remarkable and allows it to overcome much of its competence. The work could be improved a bit with saturation and the definition of some edges, but in general the behavior is quite good.

It must be said that the integrated software is correct and offers everything that can be expected in a terminal with an Android operating system: management by gestures; simplicity when changing the zoom that is used by small buttons on the screen; and very high customization possibilities when configuring parameters such as ISO. The truth is that the VIVO X60 Pro 5G seems to us a very competent smartphone in the photography section.

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