We tested the performance of the VIVO X60 Pro, can it handle everything?

The manufacturer VIVO has in Spain a new terminal that comes to compete with the most powerful that you can find in the market, and these are big words. We have tested the VIVO X60 Pro to see if this is a phone that has enough to be a purchase option for those who are more demanding.

The hardware inside this smartphone augurs very good behavior with practically all the applications that exist for the Android operating system. But, yes, it offers a set of components that follows the lines of some Asian manufacturers where the processor is not necessarily the most powerful on the market (a Snapdragon 870 5G) but it does supply an amount of RAM that reaches an impact. : The one you will find in this device reaches 12 GB.

There is also good news in what has to do with storage, since being UFS 3.1 type offers a really high working speed, something that is always positive when running apps and the Android 11 operating system that uses it. VIVO X60 Pro. By the way, if you wonder where the fingerprint reader is on this phone, we have to say that it is located under the screen and is optical type, offering a very good performance both in recognition and in the working speed.

VIVO X60 Pro work capacity

In general, we have not had any complaints regarding the performance offered by this terminal in most situations, since practically everything has been executed with high fluidity and without showing any lag when using the operating system or developments that require high power. Of course, the integrated processor -which is an evolution of the Snapdragon 865+, but with a higher frequency in its cores- does not reach the levels obtained when using Qualcomm’s SD888. Not that it is bad, far from it, but this is so.

Something that we did like a lot is how well the 256 GB of storage works when reading or writing information. Apart from offering excellent speed, we found a very good detail that there are no big variations in performance regardless of how long you are using the device to the maximum when working with large files or many small ones.

We leave some examples of the results we have obtained in performance tests with this VIVO X60 Pro:

By the way, it should be noted that this is a phone that offers the possibility of virtualizing the storage to convert it into RAM (in the purest Windows style). This is present in the device we are talking about, since it allocates 3 GB to it. It is true that the team is more than enough in this section natively, but it is always a very good idea to have something more up your sleeve if necessary. Games with this phone

Obviously, thanks to the Adreno 650 GPU that is inside this phone, you will not have any problem when it comes to running any game on the market. And when we say anyone, it is anyone. When testing PUBG or Fortnite, the results have been magnificent when it comes to creating high-resolution three-dimensional images and always with excellent working speed. Therefore, you will not have any limitations when it comes to entertaining yourself with the VIVO X60 Pro.

We have practically never gone below 60 frames per second, which is excellent news when it comes to making the most of the frequency of the screen that is integrated into the terminal. Of course, if the game session is very long we have detected that the heat tends to rise a lot. even at some point it was almost uncontrolled so we received a message on the warning screen due to high temperature so we proceeded to lower the operation of the equipment to regulate this. It is true that we are in summer, but we do not have to stop mentioning what happened.

Good software on the VIVO X60 Pro

As usual in the terminals of this company above the Google operating system you find Funtouch (in this case version 11.1). Aesthetically, this is a quite striking development in which several customizations of the interface can be made, and none of the functions that you would find in Android 11 by default have been eliminated.

Of course, some additional tools are included such as manager that allows you to establish the best possible configuration for the operation of the smartphone and even includes its own antivirus. It does not lack navigation by gestures and its own mode to run games (Ultra Game) that among other things will prevent anything from bothering you while you are in the middle of a game. In what has to do with the resources that Fun touch consumes, it must be said that due to the power of this terminal you will not notice anything at all.

Other important phone options

To begin with, we have to say that in the connectivity section you will not find any fault with the device, among other things the connection port is USB type C and it does not lack Bluetooth 5.1. It also has NFC to make mobile payments in a simple way and as we have verified without any failure.

It is interesting to note that it includes 5G, which we have been able to verify that it works perfectly, but in places where there is coverage and that in this case it seems that the temperature control is much more optimized. Regarding the operation of Wi-Fi we have to say that it is quite good with a high signal strength and that it allows stable connections and high data transfer rates to be established.


The truth is that the feeling when using the VIVO X60 Pro is very good, and this is the case regardless of not having the most current processor that Qualcomm offers in the high-end market. The feeling is that you have plenty of room in most situations and have no restrictions to run applications at maximum power regardless of whether you have many open in the background.

It is true that the temperature management could be controlled a little more, since it can give some little problem, but this is something that does not become critical on a day-to-day basis and that does not cloud that we are in front of a powerful phone, beautiful and that will offer you everything you need in the performance section.

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