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What about the Tesla mobile? Will it come true?

Elon Musk is known as a disruptive visionary; has spent the past two decades achieving the unthinkable and, from making electric cars, has gone on to power the American space race. Even, on occasion, it has been speculated that TESLA, its brand, could launch its own smartphone.

Musk has never publicly commented on his intention to enter the saturated smartphone manufacturing business, but on more than one occasion hundreds of rumors and concepts have been published about what a hypothetical TESLA mobile would look like. One of the most talked about, almost 3 years ago, was that of the designer Martin Hajek, who devised what a smartphone of the brand could look like if Musk ever decided to create a connected device for his electric cars.

Much more current is the commitment of Concept Creator, one of the YouTube channels of reference when it comes to advancing the design of future mobile phones on the market. The TESLA Phone concept runs Android, but most likely and since the video dates from 2018, it is normal to see two cameras on the back of this phone. These two cameras are vertically aligned, and above them is the Tesla logo, which blends into the design of the phone very well.

The back of this phone appears to be curved, and it appears that the phone comes with a metal and glass frame on the back. The front panel of the device also appears to be curved on the sides, and the side bezels are extremely thin. Interestingly, the designer decided to include an alert slider on the left side of the phone, just below its two volume buttons, OnePlus-style.

Colt concept, a lot of modern bows since it was published at the beginning of this year, it is the one of the ART Studio Design channel, which shows a screen with the camera under the glass, a curious module with several cameras on the back and the total absence of frames around the device.

The mobile and Tesla, only by App

However, to this day, after years of rumors, concepts and leaks, there is nothing real. The only minimally tangible thing that we have been able to see is the leak of a supposed Quadra casing, the first TESLA mobile but this image is 3 years old and, since then, we have not heard from this hypothetical phone.

Today the only relationship between mobiles and the brand is the integration of UWB technology in TESLA cars. This means that Apple and Samsung smartphones that support this technology will allow you to interact with the car, unlocking the ability to find the car in a parking lot, for example, or using the smartphone as a car key.

There is nothing confirmed or nothing has been announced about it either by Tesla or these manufacturers, but it is the only thing that lovers of a supposed mobile of the brand can hold on to Less gives a stone.

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