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What are the latest Huawei phones with Google apps?

More than a year has passed when we witnessed the arrival of the last Huawei smartphone to have each of Google’s services. Specifically, it was at the end of May 2020 when the Huawei P30 Pro New Edition was launched, although it arrived in Spain on June 1 for a price of 799 euros with 256 GB of internal storage. However, he was not the only one to appear on the scene just that same month.

We are referring to a much cheaper option, but of a lower range, from Huawei, the P Smart 2020. This mobile device from the Asian firm was also another of the firm’s last phones to land on the smartphone market with all the services of Google’s apps, before the United States veto was imposed. If you are looking for a more or less modern Huawei mobile with GMS, these will be your two options.

The last two Huawei phones with Google

As we said, we are facing the last two smartphones, “newer”, from the Chinese firm that still have all Google services installed. And it is that, many of the users will want to continue enjoying having a smartphone of this brand in their possession, but the truth is that for many it is quite difficult not to have the apps that the Mountain company offers us today View. For this reason, we bring you these two options that you can find today. However, we will see in detail whether or not it really deserves the purchase of one of these two mobile devices.

The high-end, the Huawei P30 Pro New Edition

The high-end, Huawei smartphone landed in Spain in order to improve each of the features offered by its previous flagship, the Huawei P30 Pro. Nowadays, due to the lack of chips, it is difficult to find a good price of this mobile phone, although at the time it has dropped to 600 euros, although now it can even be found up to 1,000 euros. And it is that, its availability at present is practically nil. So, in order to get hold of this smartphone we will have to resort to renewed and second-hand mobiles.

In addition, the fact that the P30 Pro New Edition is one of the last phones of the firm to have GMS gives it extra value. And not only this, but it also has great features such as its 8 GB RAM, its 6.47-inch OLED panel, as well as its photographic section and processor. For this reason, it would be a very good bet for all those users who want Google services if it were available.

As for its operating system, it went on sale together with Android 10 and EMUI 10. However, it now has the EMUI 11 version, but it is still running under the same version of Android. And, we must also bear in mind that its latest major update is EMUI 12 which, supposedly, will have Android 11.

P Smart 2020, the most profitable

Luckily, not everything should be to assume such a high purchase for our pocket, since, in that same 2020, we saw how Huawei launched a cheaper model for its users, since it had a price of 199 euros. We are talking about the P Smart 2020, a renewed edition of one of its best-selling mobile devices. In addition, we can not only count on the GMS, but also small improvements such as its 6.21-inch FHD + panel or its double rear camera. But, despite the fact that more than a year has passed, we still find it at a price of around 200 euros.

In addition, at its launch, it began to roll with EMUI 9.1 and Android 9, and unfortunately there it has remained, since it has not obtained any type of update to the following versions of the Huawei and Google operating systems. And, there is an improved version that went on sale this year, the Huawei P Smart 2021. So, if you want to have a more recent version of software you will have to resort to this model. Of course, it will be without the services offered by the American company. So, this model has had less luck than the previous case.

Are there better purchase options at Huawei?

Being the last two Huawei models with GMS, they have always been the most loved by loyal fans to have all the Google apps. However, it will be difficult to get them at a profitable price. For this reason, we will find better more modern options of Huawei terminals, although without the apps of the Mountain View company.

For example, we find the next flagship of the Chinese firm, the P40 Pro with 5G for 599 euros. In the case of wanting a cheaper option, we have the improved version of this year’s P Smart, since it now has an offer that leaves it for 174.38 euros.

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