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What if the Galaxy S22 Ultra brings back the MicroSD and the MiniJack?

The Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event ended last week, leaving everything ready for us to start the rumors about what we will see in 2022. After the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 have been officially announced, now it is time to focus. Our attention on the Galaxy S22 that should see the light the first days of next year.

To start getting our teeth long, Concept Creator has published a video and different images of how the best Samsung mobile should look for 2022, a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that should give us two great features: the MicroSD card slot and the port 3.5 mm mini jack to connect headphones. In addition, to this we would have to add a 45W charger.

The return of two great characteristics

It must be made clear, first of all, that these specifications are not official but rather a way of capturing the wishes of many users in images and video. A few years ago these specifications were still considered standard, but today few smartphones, especially the premium range, have them.

We’ve been lacking the headphone jack on Samsung’s high-end models for some time, and while Bluetooth wireless headphones can be used, many sigh with being able to reconnect their 3.5mm headphones again, which has inspired the Graphic designer to showcase his Galaxy S22 Ultra concept with a headphone jack, which is located on the bottom of the device.

To this must be added a slot for MicroSD cards that will make it possible to expand the memory of the top of the range of the brand as much as we want, with enough space to host increasingly heavy apps and games that imply that the 64 GB versions of our mobiles will soon disappear by falling short.

Recall that Samsung’s current Galaxy S21 series no longer supports a microSD card, limiting users to cloud solutions to expand storage memory. In the case of the concept of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, there is a compartment for the memory cards that would be located in the upper left, where the space for the SIM cards is shared.

A few years ago, no one could imagine that the mobile charger was not sold with the phone, thanks to Apple. With the excuse of protecting the environment, many of the premium range mobile manufacturers no longer include the charger in the box and this implies an extra expense for the consumer. For this reason, this Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra concept shows a 45W fast charger like the S20 Ultra from two years ago, satisfying one of the largest requests from users.

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