Whatsapp for android makes it easier to respond to specific messages

WhatsApp is changing the way we respond to a message. Now it is much easier, since we will only have to make a gesture.

The most popular messaging app receives a very interesting novelty related to the answers. As you may know, the application allows you to respond to specific messages to have a more orderly conversation and the other user knows what you are talking about. But the option to respond has a complicated access , for that reason, WhatsApp has solved it in its last update.

Now it is much easier to respond to a message. We will find an icon in the left area of ​​the message. This icon represents the response action. We just have to swipe and automatically the chat will appear in the message bar. So, we just have to write the message and send it. Until now, we had to keep pressed in the conversation and click on the answer button that appeared. This at least on Android. While it is true that the new form is much more comfortable, personally I would like to have added more options. For example, to respond to several messages at the same time.


At the moment, this version is only available to users of WhatsApp beta . If you are a registered user in the program, check that you have the update available. Otherwise, you can register in two very simple ways. The fastest is to go to Google Play, search for the WhatsApp app and click on the button that says “Join the beta program.” The application will automatically be updated and you will have beta access. You can also do it by downloading the latest APK from APK Mirror . Keep in mind that the beta phases of WhatsApp usually cause different bugs and errors, usually they are solved quickly, but it is not as stable as the final application.

Finally, WhatsApp has added a change in the groups. Now, not all the users will appear in the list of participants, but only the top 10 will appear on the list and a button to show all . This way, the group information page is more ordered.

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