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When can you install One UI 4.0?

Now that it has been resolved when it will be the turn of Android 12 officially and definitively, many wonder what happens with the desired update of the Samsung Galaxy. It is usual that once the new Android version comes to light, the corresponding changes in One UI 4.0 are known this time. A date that many mark on the calendar, wanting to see and test the changes as soon as possible.

In a year where Samsung launches have received many changes directly in hardware, the news in software does not want to be left behind and much is expected from One UI 4.0 together with the great redesign of Android 12. A host of news that is Closer to the touch, imagine a lot and it is that the next great update of Samsung mobiles is right around the corner.

The first mobiles to enjoy One UI 4.0

Samsung has already confirmed that the terminals that will have the advantage of having One UI 4.0 as soon as possible are the Galaxy S21. The entire series of smartphones made up of the S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra will become the chosen ones to start enjoying the news. An update that however will arrive later than we could expect, as we are used to seeing it in early September, although at the moment not even the stable version has reached China.

The fault of this change has to do with Google, because this year it has decided not to launch the final version of Android 12 until the month of October. This leads us to have to wait to enjoy One UI 4.0 and Android 12. If nothing changes, although we do not have a confirmed date, we can assume that it will be very close to the beginning of October, when Android 12 sees the light and also does it with everything new from One UI.

For all those users who have a Galaxy S21, they can sign up for the beta program from the Samsung Members app on their smartphones. In a matter of minutes, they will be able to download and install the update to enjoy the changes before anyone else.

The turn of the other Samsung Galaxy

There is no doubt that Samsung will prioritize its top of the range, but it will not forget all the others among which the Galaxy Z Flip series and Z Fold 3 will also be quick to update. An order that has not been confirmed, but that will be accompanied by the Galaxy S20, the latest in the A series and the M series from Samsung. Continuing with the pattern from last year, when I arrived December 2022, we should have the latest models presented in 2021 and even 2020 updated with One UI 4.0. For now, we can only wait for the deployment to begin.

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