Why a mobile battery does not always have a 2-year warranty

Knowing how much warranty time we will have for our mobile device is always important. Although, to be exact, the one that goes completely unnoticed on many occasions is the warranty time that smartphone batteries have today. More than anything because, although by law it is stipulated, for now, that we will have 24 months for our terminal, the truth is that the reality regarding this component changes completely.

In addition, we are facing one of the components of mobile devices that suffer the most wear and tear over the days. For this reason, you always have to know how to take care of it in the best way. Since, sometimes, the manufacturers are not responsible for their replacement, even if we are within the warranty period stipulated by the firm. So, what is the guarantee time?

The battery does not usually have a two-year warranty

As we said before, by law we find that we have up to two years to enjoy the warranty of the mobile device. However, as for the battery, it is the manufacturers themselves who decide how long they offer. Why is this so? Basically, because we are with a component that we use continuously, so it is one of those most fragile elements that we find in any mobile phone.

In addition, among the different manufacturers that we are today, not all offer 2 years in full. There are very few cases, for example, some of the brands that do offer 24 months are Samsung and OPPO. Although, in other cases, we run into other smartphone firms that only give us 6 months to repair this element of our new mobile device for free. But, the question once again that is generated in this situation is why they are less than two years old in most cases.

Why does the battery have less warranty?

The battery warranty covers the different problems that have occurred without us having manipulated this internal element ourselves or even misusing this internal component of the smartphone. Therefore, if it is a fault that has arisen spontaneously, possibly the culprit is a factory fault in this item. However, normally after six months, it is when the capacity of this component begins to degrade to a greater extent, being more superior from the year on. And that is where the manufacturers decide to claim that they cannot repair the smartphone battery so late.

Although by law it is one of those elements that make up the device and, therefore, it is covered by the same 2-year warranty as the rest of the terminal. The practice of some brands is different, since they give a more important value to these, which is why they limit them up to 6 months. Claiming that the culprit is the continuous degradation suffered by these components, making it clear that it is not proportional to the rest of the internal components of the smartphone, and therefore they fix that their guarantee is much lower compared to the other elements.

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