Why a mobile camera will never be better than a SLR

Over the years we have witnessed a great improvement in the photographic quality of mobile devices. In addition to having more and more technologies that make life easier for us when it comes to taking an image, even if the conditions are not the best. Although, for many SLR cameras are still much superior, and everything indicates that it will continue to be that way for a few more years. But will smartphone cameras end up outperforming them?

Without a doubt, it is a question that goes through a great majority of users who decide to buy a mobile only for its photographic section. However, the facts are clear, the SLR camera is still quite superior to give us a great image quality compared to the best smartphones of today. For this reason, we will give you a series of arguments to defend this, although it is clear that that does not mean that phones get great photographs.

Optics, a key aspect

The first compelling reason why mobiles do not reach the level of a SLR is found in the lenses that make up the objective as such. Although over the years we have seen a notable improvement in this section of the phones, especially those that are made with the help of Leica or other similar companies. However, they still do not reach the level of a reflex camera because they do not have a mirror. Even in a SLR you can change the lens depending on what is needed at all times.

On the contrary, mobile devices have to settle for just having a fixed lens that cannot offer great versatility either. But the truth is that in recent times this last aspect has been improved by using different softwares, even the fact of being able to use optical adapters to reach traditional cameras.

The importance of sensor size

This second factor is another of the fundamentals that we find to be able to highlight once again the great advantage of cameras over mobile phones. Basically because the light sensor is fully conditioned by the size of the sensor . And, therefore, it conditions the final result that a camera gives us.

On mobile devices it is very difficult to get the size of the sensor to be even larger, since the body of a phone is much narrower. So it is impossible, at least for now, to be able to reach the level of the SLR. This aspect is important since having a larger size therefore achieves more megapixels and also increases the capture of light, so the possible noise that a snapshot may have will be further reduced.

In addition, the fact of being able to capture more light will allow us to have better results at times when we have less lighting. For this reason, mobile devices have different modes, such as night, so that we can be able to take pictures when we have low light.

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