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Why are you not going to miss a microSD card in your mobile?

Mobiles with microSD card slots are nothing new, far from it. Thanks to these microSD slots, Android phones have been differentiated from Apple phones for many years. But over the years these slots have become more and more expendable. And is that if your phone does not have one, you will not miss it.

Mobile phones without this type of microSD card slots are increasingly common, especially in the high-end range, and the internal storage of our phone is not always the key aspect to make up for its absence.

Why is the slot being dispensed with?

Almost all mid-range and low-end mobiles have a microSD card slot. And it is that they usually have internal storage of 32GB or 64GB, but there are also many that offer them even with 128GB of storage.

From then on, even in mobiles with this storage, the majority do without the microSD card slot. And this can be due to many reasons, mainly because the absence of this slot allows to have a little more space inside the phone for other components, and also because there are certain components of the phone that make it easier to do without it.

There are more alternatives than ever

And it is that not having one of these microSD card slots is no drama today, unless you are going to move the apps. And it is that it is the only functionality of Android mobiles that you will not be able to do as it does not have a card slot. But for the rest, you will not have too many problems. And it is that if it is about storing documents, photos, videos and whatever, there are alternatives in the cloud that we can use so as not to saturate the internal storage of our phone. In addition, the high data transmission speed that we access today with fiber connections allows us to copy the data almost as fast as if it were an SD, not only to save it, but also to download it. Especially if it is a high-end mobile with Wi-Fi 6, a communications protocol that allows you to transfer data without cables at full speed.

But the possibilities do not end here, since we have at our disposal the function of saving documents on physical media, through the USB port, either type C or microUSB compatible with OTG, to which we can connect an adapter to connect USB memories or even microSD or other card readers. Therefore, most users will not miss this type of slot, unless they expressly seek the copy of apps on these cards. It is the reason why mobiles without these slots have proliferated so much, especially in the most expensive ones, because there are enough alternatives, even more comfortable to them. So if you are considering the purchase of one of these phones, do not hesitate.

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