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Why does the fingerprint sensor of a mobile phone get hot?

One of the technologies that we use the most throughout the day on our mobile device is the fingerprint sensor. And it is rare to find an Android smartphone that does not have this function, either on its touch panel, on the side or even on the back. However, at some point you have surely noticed that it has become too hot.

In addition, it is a failure that more than one user has suffered, reporting that they have suffered this somewhat peculiar problem in the fingerprint reader. Sometimes it even stops working, so you have to resort to another method to be able to unlock the mobile device. But What is the reason for this failure?

The mobile fingerprint sensor heats up

In most of the cases that have been reported through different forums, whether they are official of the smartphone brand itself that has caused problems or not, the main problem is derived from a blow to the phone. As a result of this, it has caused the fingerprint sensor to overheat, reaching the point that it is completely unusable or that as soon as you press it is burning.

In this case, in addition to affecting the smartphone battery because it will consume much more energy, the only possible solution will be to go to a repair service to see what the problem is. Although you can also check if it is because of the temperature of the smartphone, to do this, dial * # * # 4636 # * # * in the call app and access the Battery information section. Therefore, it should not exceed 45 degrees.

Therefore, the general overheating of the smartphone can be concentrated to a greater extent in this reader, so care must be taken that it is not so high. However, on other occasions, this failure has begun to occur without the mobile device suffering any type of shock. The culprit may be the case that you have put on your smartphone, so you can do the test by changing it, since if it hinders the heat dissipation of the terminal, it will influence this excess temperature.

Although, if this last fact is not your case, it may be because of the hardware. If so, it is best to use the warranty to have it repaired. Well, it is a hardware failure that has started to appear at that time. In addition, this error is a physical damage to the fingerprint flex, so the solution would be to change the part of the plate for a new one.

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