Why does the keyboard on my Android phone change color?

Throughout the day we use the keyboard many times on our mobiles, it is possibly one of the elements of the software that we use the most and for some time customization has come to it to give us more possibilities. This leads us to run into a problem that many users are experiencing and that is that at the most unexpected moment, the keyboard changes color without us having done anything.

A situation that we do not have to be scared of, since it is something simple to rectify. But beyond the solution, many are looking for an answer to the problem, the reasons that have led us to find this. Something that happens in many Android phones, regardless of the brand or model we have since the problem depends on the keyboard apps and not so much on the system, at least directly.

Since Android Q, the keyboard has a life of its own

Although it has been with Android 12 when the themes of the operating system have gained prominence, since version 10 of Android the keyboard benefits from this option that allows you to take advantage of customization. One of the options that have been integrated into the main mobile writing tools since then is to imitate the color on the keyboard that the system has. It is not even necessary to customize it with one or another color, but simply by activating or deactivating the dark mode, our keyboard will change color and shape to adapt to the theme.

An option that started in Gboard, but has also spread to SwiftKey, as well as other detected keyboards. In this way, it is about saving intermediate steps for the user and not having to worry about the mobile keyboard being very clear, while the system has been switched to black.

Steps to avoid color changes on the keyboard

On the other hand, if we do not like or do not convince this option by default of the mobile keyboards and we always want to have the same tone or a personalized one, we just have to follow these steps. In those that use Gboard, such as the Google Pixel, Xiaomi or Realme among others, all you have to do is open the keyboard, touch on the three points and access the configuration gear. Then we enter “Theme” and deactivate the option where it says “from the system” so that this change does not occur any more with the color change, not even in dark mode.

On the other hand, if we have a Huawei or Samsung terminal, we will have SwiftKey by default and here the option to modify the keyboard color has also arrived. In this case, the process does not change too much, you just have to open the keyboard in an app, touch its settings and enter themes. We will see that the adaptive option will be activated, going from white to black as needed. We will only have to modify it for the one we prefer and we can exit the process.

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