Why does the message “verifying number” appear on my mobile?

A strange message in the form of a button has appeared on many Android phones for a while, something that has never been seen before. This has its own explanation and solution in the face of the failure that prevents it from finishing verifying the number as this alert warns us.

There is no difference between an Android mobile or another for this message to appear or remain linked to the system. All terminals with Android 10 onwards can be found with the message “verifying number” which can end up unhinging us if we cannot remove it. But after the explanation and the solutions, we will hit the key to fix it.

Verifying number: what does it mean?

The first thing we should know is what it is about is an alert that appears between the notifications of our smartphone, a message that the terminals keep continuously, while in others it appears and disappears constantly. There are several queries about it that we find in the Google forums, asking for an explanation about what this means.

We should not have any time for our privacy, since with this Google only tries to cross the data of our smartphone with the account that we are using to access Gmail and all its own services. That is why in terminals without Google apps we will not find this alert.

The check can be carried out without the message in question appearing, but in most cases it will appear without us noticing. The process is usually done at night, at the same time that the backups are running. The check should not even call our attention, because if it is done correctly we will not see it again and the check will not proceed again, until we update the mobile or change it for a new one.

Ways to remove the “verifying number” alert

Those moments in which this versification appears in the upper part of our smartphone, will occur when there is an error that does not allow the verification to be completed correctly. So that in your case you do not have to live with that message any more, we are going to exclude everything you can do about it to solve it and that the alert will no longer be a problem on your Android mobile.

Check the number in your Google account

The first and most important thing that we must do so that the message stops being displayed on the mobile, begins by making sure that the phone that we have in our Google account matches the one on the SIM card. To do this, we have to access the personal information of the Google account from the link that we share and enter with our main account. Both on mobile and computer we will be able to complete the check correctly and change the number if it does not match.

If you have had to make the change, we invite you to restart the mobile, so that after it is turned on it will collect the phone number again and not be based on the cache memory. With this, everything should be solved and the problem should disappear after a single check by Google.

RCS messages hold the key

The only place from where we can manually check or restart the connection between Google and our mobile so that our phone number is correctly validated is in Google messages. The message app that comes pre-installed on many smartphones, although we can also do the same from Samsung mobiles and more and more SMS apps that are already pre-installed on other brands.

These handles offer you the advantage of being able to use them as an alternative to WhatsApp or Telegram, but from the messages app itself. This advantage, however, is not necessary for many users who only want to use the application for traditional messages and in this case we can quickly deactivate the number verification message in a matter of seconds. With this it could be valid, because there are times that the Google account has coincided and allowing the process to finish, but nevertheless the RCS messages do not.

This is mostly due to the fact that our operator has not adapted its message exchange system to RCS technology, something common among some MVNOs.

Therefore we will only have to do these steps:

  • We enter the Google Messages app and set it by default if it is not.
  • Then we touch on the three points in the upper right.
  • We touch on the Settings.
  • We access Chat functions.
  • We touch on “Status” to try again.
  • Finally we touch on “Enable chat functions” to remove it.

Internet is essential

We cannot ignore that this check will be done online and therefore it will not be possible to complete if we do not have Wi-Fi or if we do not have mobile data. In addition, the line must be operational, so if you have put a SIM card without an active or blocked number, it is normal to see this failure.

Help Google identify the number

There is also an added method with which we can tell Google what the main account number is and that is recommended especially for those who use two SIMs on the same smartphone. This process is quick and easy and will not give Google any more information about us, we will only help you to verify the number correctly. A process that we are going to complete as follows:

  • Let’s go back into our messages app, if possible Google Messages.
  • We touched on the settings.
  • We go down to the advanced options.
  • Once inside, we choose «Telephone number».
  • Here we are going to put the prefix of our country, in the case of Spain +34, followed by the number.

Are the servers down?

In case we have tried all the methods that we have explained to you, the only thing left to think is that something is wrong for Google. It is not the first time that their servers stop working on such an irrelevant issue for a while, it could even affect that our operator is not having a good time on their lines and the only solution is therefore to be patient.

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