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Why is Apple not getting rid of the notch on its iPhones

We have the iPhone 13 around the corner, undoubtedly one of the most anticipated mobiles of the year, and for which many are already counting the hours we have left until its presentation next Tuesday. But unfortunately, and one more year, Apple phones will arrive without one of the most anticipated news of recent years, the end of the notch, why?

And it is very normal that we ask ourselves this question, in fact we have been asking it for many several years, basically the time that even the cheapest mobile phones on the Android market no longer have these notches on the screen.

The notch, an anachronism

We do not hesitate to call it that, because just as at the time that the iPhone X launched the design with the notch in the shape of an eyebrow, it became a trend in the Android mobile market, today this is completely out of date, and for now Notches have passed away for several years on Android mobiles.

But in the middle of 2021 Apple insists, and in a few days, it will launch its new mobiles again with this element on its screen. Something that is not only a sign of stubbornness on the part of Apple, but of a clear lack of initiative when it comes to finding a substitute for this element.

And then why do you keep it?

The main reason why Apple maintains the notch is not that it does not have access to other technologies, such as a Touch ID under the screen, or on the power button of the phone, but because it does not want to give up one of its hallmarks, as is the Face ID. This has become one of the most prominent features of these phones, and Apple’s facial recognition technology is by far the best on the market. But the reality is that it has long been outmatched with other more comfortable solutions for the user, such as fingerprint readers under the screen.

The problem is that Apple has wanted to keep the Face ID at all costs, above the aesthetic section. This year at least one reduction in the notch will be achieved, which will continue to be too large. Something that has surprised many, after during the pandemic, not a few users have complained that Face ID is useless when we have the mask on.

Even when?

That is the question that many ask themselves, when Apple will definitely put the notch aside. Well, it is a question without an answer yet, although we already have cameras under the screen in some Android phones.

The latest rumors and leaked images point to 2022 as the year in which Apple will finally end the notch. But at the moment it is just a speculation. The logical thing will be to retire the Face ID and opt for a fingerprint reader on the screen and a front camera inside a hole, or failing that, a Face ID adapted to this space. But considering Apple’s parsemonia over the years in this regard, it is certainly a lot to ask.

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