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Why the iPhone SE 3 could be more “innovative” than the iPhone 13

In recent days, the iPhone 13 are starring in all the current affairs of the smartphone market, phones that for another year have been somewhat disappointing, with functions that we would have liked to see and have not arrived. Something that the iPhone SE 3 could offer us, which in some aspects could be more innovative within the Apple range.

And is that this phone could receive some features before the very top of the range of the Californian firm. And we are not talking about innovations from the point of view of becoming more modern and innovative phones than their Android competitors, but in adopting some functions expected for the iPhone 13, present in Android mobiles for years, and that now could reach this cheap phone from Apple.

The cheapest, and attractive?

One more year Apple has integrated the notch in the iPhone 13, although its elimination or at least its complementation with a fingerprint reader was a clamor, finally the only thing we have had has been a phone with a somewhat smaller notch. And it is that during the pandemic many Apple users have seen in the Face ID a hindrance rather than something to venerate their phones, since thanks to the masks, it has become a nonsensical feature. It would be much easier to press a fingerprint reader when we are wearing the mask, but we have not seen it at the top of the range either.

Now, it seems that the iPhone SE 3 could finally integrate that function that has been requested for so long in modern iPhones, the fingerprint reader that they lost due to Touch ID. And we are not talking about the one that currently has the current iPhone SE 2020, which is the classic that we have seen for so many years on the lower edge of the screen. But we could finally have a fingerprint reader integrated into the power button, as for example we have seen in the iPad Air or Mini, this week. That in turn would allow to increase the screen of the new generation of the SE, to the point of eliminating the edges and completely dispensing with the notch. Therefore, we would have the first iPhone all screen, without notch and with a fingerprint reader on the power button. Seeing it like this, we could consider this phone a more innovative terminal than the iPhone 13 within the Apple range.

Will Apple dare to do it?

A few days ago, the first renderings of the iPhone 3 SE were filtered, and they were basically a reproduction of the iPhone 13 in reduced size, including the notch with Face ID. But we doubt very much that Apple will bring its facial recognition technology to its cheap phone, in fact, as we told you, it has chosen to bring the fingerprint reader on the power button to its more accessible tablets, a move that would be perfectly viable, and logical for other part.

But we doubt very much that Apple debuts a truly borderless screen with its cheapest mobile, but anything can happen. The logical evolution would be what we have told you, and if so, of course this phone would be more innovative than the current iPhone 13, of course only within the range of Apple. Regarding Android, it would be equaled after many years with an anachronistic design.

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