Why You Shouldn’t Update Your Samsung Galaxy S10

Earlier this month, the Korean company began rolling out a new security patch for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. However, as soon as this update was installed, many users began to complain that one of the most used options to unlock their smartphone had stopped working for no reason. For now, the mobile manufacturer has made it clear that it already knows about the problem.

The Galaxy S10 5G received the July 2021 security update just a few weeks ago. But, from that very moment, many users decided to report an error that was constantly repeated in one of the most used functions today to be able to unlock the smartphone.

Samsung is already working on a solution

As we said, since the arrival of this new security patch belonging to the month of July, those users with a Galaxy S10 5G began to notice different problems when using the 3D face unlock function of their mobile device. Basically, they have ensured that it did not work correctly or that they simply could not use this option.

After echoing this problem, one of the moderators of the official forum of the South Korean brand, ended up recognizing this problem and apologized on behalf of the company for this error that affected users as you can see in the previous image. In addition, to try to give a solution, he showed that possibly the basic steps to follow for a solution would be the options of resetting the phone’s software and clearing the device’s cache. However, it has not served all the people who have this smartphone.

It is also important to remember that, when this terminal was launched in early 2019, it was the only device in the company’s line that featured a front 3D to sensor for totally secure facial recognition. However, this function was not active from day one, but it took Samsung about a year to enable this 3D facial recognition option, which finally arrived with the Android 10 update.

From the Korean firm they have assured that they are doing everything possible to put an end to this problem as soon as possible. But they have not yet set a date when an update will arrive to correct this error. Therefore, it recommends that those users who have not updated to the latest security patch, do not do so until they release a new update in the next few days.

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