xCloud is the new video game service in the Xbox cloud

The proposal of xCloud is to bring the games of Xbox to any device, reducing the latency and the problems that until now have the services of games in the cloud.

And not only in their consoles. Yes, Microsoft has just presented its own cloud service, xCloud, with which to pretend to make new generation video games streaming to any compatible device , from consoles to mobile devices to PCs or televisions: all the power in the cloud for that users can play high-performance titles on any device connected to the network.

At the moment it is nothing more than a project that will enter the beta phase sometime in 2019 , that is, it is not a service with guarantees that it will arrive universally soon, but it is about the flirtation of Xbox with the game in the cloud and, incidentally, anticipate what will be the future of computing for the video entertainment industry. What is confirmed is that the beta will be public next year, and the company will take advantage of it to see its possibilities in different volumes and locations.

Perhaps the biggest handicap of these services is, nowadays, the latency of this type of games, but for that it is a system in tests. In fact, Microsoft says that its xCloud engineers are looking for ways to combat latency through advanced network techniques combined with video encoding and decoding, which will allow the transmission of games in even 4G networks , so the mobile it will be a cornerstone for this project.

It is undoubtedly a strong bet on the part of the company, as well as for the company to confirm that the existing and future Xbox games will be compatible with the services , including some that require high computing power.

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