Xiaomi changes its update policy. How does it affect you?

In recent months, the different mobile manufacturers have been updating their update policies. Samsung is already capable of offering up to 4 years of support on some of its mobiles, Nokia boasts something similar and Xiaomi, until now, would not have commented on it.

The bad news is that for the moment the changes will not affect all models equally and, most importantly, that they will not add an extension of support. Changes in the update policy go through security patches, and not through changes to the operating system or the enjoyment of new versions of the brand’s customization layer. The changes come when applying these patches on Xiaomi models with Android One or MIUI.

Monthly and quarterly security patches

Xiaomi claims that from now on it will release monthly and quarterly security patch updates for its devices for at least two years after the products are released on the market. The monthly and quarterly security updates will include Android security patches published by Google, as well as patches for specific Xiaomi issues.

In this way, now the devices that work with Android One will have a great advantage over those that work with MIUI since they will have a monthly security patch update. As for the devices that work with MIUI, this update will be quarterly, but they will also continue to have Xiaomi’s own security analysis.

As a tenth, this policy change only affects the security patches released by both Google and Xiaomi to correct errors detected in their software. This does not mean that more or fewer system changes will be received, so there can be updates without changing the security patch or including the security patch update in a system update.

Why Android One?

Xiaomi sure that its Android One device will enjoy monthly updates during the two years of its commercialization but, if we look back, right now there are only 3 models on the market, the Mi A3, Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite. Perhaps this new decision of the brand is not giving the clue that we were expecting so much and would be anticipating the return of one of the best-selling families in our country, such as the Mi A range.

Could we see a Xiaomi Mi A4 at some point this year?

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