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Xiaomi reinvents folding mobiles with this concept

More and more folding mobiles are arriving on the market, which are becoming one more option within the main manufacturers. The one who has presented the most options to us so far is Samsung, but we have also seen outstanding options from Huawei and of course from Xiaomi, which continues to work on it with an upcoming foldable Mi Mix that will make people talk.

The latest information about the new smartphone of the Asian manufacturer comes from the hand of a series of concepts, which through renders let us see what Xiaomi is working on and what could be the successor of the Xiaomi folding mobile that we met this same 2021. Observing all the details, surely this concept reminds you of several terminals already known from both Xiaomi and other manufacturers.

A foldable Xiaomi based on various ideas

The leaks speak that Xiaomi will let us see at least two folding mobiles this year 2021 and after discovering the first one, the next one could be the one that we know now for the first time in greater detail. A smartphone that boasts a differential design as shown by Lets Go Digital, although based on other models from the firm itself and from other brands.

The screen takes some inspiration from the Mix Alpha, therefore it is a mobile with a wraparound screen as well as a folding one for the Chinese firm. This has the ability to fold in half with a visor mechanism in true Samsung style, to make the screen larger and make it practically a tablet.

On the opposite side to where the surround screen is, we came across a system of side cameras that we met from the hand of the Huawei Mate Xs and that nevertheless did not finish convincing due to its thick size and few advantages. We will see if this device finally gives this option a new opportunity and manages to turn it into a design option beyond a concept.

An even more expensive folding mobile?

Among all that we can see about this new folding Mi Mix, the surround screen stands out, which has already represented a great price increase in the Mi Mix Alpha. Now with this new terminal the price could be even more affected, since sophisticated technologies such as the folding one and the screen itself that extends between the rear and front without any edge are combined.

Rumors and leaks speak of a possible presentation in the fourth quarter of this same 2021, but what we do not have details of is the specifications that it could have. In the case of a smartphone with an outstanding design, the usual thing is to think that it will be a high-end and that therefore it will incorporate the best in its hardware to not only attract attention on the outside, but also in its performance.

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