Xiaomi warns: “Either use my batteries or watch out for the consequences”

It is something that many of us do when we want to give our phone a second youth, go to a support center and change the battery of the smartphone. Normally, we can choose between using an original battery or a cheaper “white label” battery. If you decide to do the latter with your Xiaomi mobile, the brand will “cap” some of its functions.

According to the XDA developers, the Xiaomi Mi Security application is being updated to version 5.6.0. What does this have to do with the phone’s battery? As it turns out that with the update, the application now displays a warning if it detects a fake battery. The message will mention that the battery “should only be replaced by an authorized service provider. ” It also claims that the use of an “unauthorized” battery may cause damage to the device or user.

But, as we anticipate, it is not the only thing that will affect your mobile

Goodbye to fast charging on unofficial batteries at Xiaomi

Beyond showing this warning, the text indicates that it will also reduce the loading speed. It is true that it is a nuisance to lose this capacity but it is really something positive as it can be beneficial for these non-original batteries. By reducing the charging speed, on the one hand, possible damage and overheating are avoided at the same time that the useful life of these cells is expanded.

However, it appears that this functionality is not going to be widely implemented. At least not yet. An investigation into the APK code for the Mi Security application reveals that the two functions apply only to the Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro in China. However, the logical trick is to think that this decision will be replicated in more models and in more regions. Xiaomi could make it a universal feature on all of its devices globally sooner rather than later.

We are the first to always recommend fixing a phone with official parts to ensure a good operation of your terminal and it is clear that Xiaomi also wants you to use official batteries. Now, it remains to be seen if a measure as simple as a text message and a reduction in charging speed will prevent people from using these unauthorized batteries.

As soon as we know if this notice and “feature limitation” also reaches the global and European versions of the brand’s phones, we will notify you immediately.

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