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Xiaomi works on another folding “shell” with wireless charging

Folding mobiles are gradually gaining prominence in the market. The more models that are available, the more affordable their price is, and that is precisely what we can expect from Xiaomi’s upcoming foldable phones. The Chinese firm is working on a new shell format that could also be loaded wirelessly.

So far, we have seen folding mobile phones mainly in two formats, the traditional book type such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold and the one commonly known as shell, such as Motorola’s Razr or Samsung’s Z Flip, a new patent reveals a Xiaomi device of these last.

New Xiaomi patents

The Chinese firm has registered different patents that are clearly oriented to the folding mobile market, one of them is evident, because it revolves around the idea of ​​a folding mobile with the classic shell format, of which, as you know, there is no model yet. in the Chinese firm. As for the folding model, we are not talking about another that appeared a few weeks or days ago, but it is another phone that the firm is developing in parallel, so it seems that there are several that the Chinese firm is preparing.

In this case, the patent has been filed with the WIPO, which shows a phone with a classic shell design, very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, in which you can see a screen with a double perforated camera in the upper corner. While on the back, or outside, as we see it, with a double camera, and a small screen, very reduced, to see notifications and other information on the phone’s status. A patent that confirms that Xiaomi is working on several types of folding mobile phones in parallel, although not all of them have to come to fruition

It also patents a new charging system

When we talked in the headline that it would also charge wirelessly, we were referring to another patent that has now been discovered, although it was presented last January and that precisely points in that direction. This has been registered as “Wireless Charging Method and Device, Folding Screen Electronic Equipment, Storage Media”.

A patent that clearly seems aimed at folding mobile phones, which, as you know at the moment, do not offer us this type of wireless charging that is so common in various models on the market. It seems that the key to this type of charging in folding phones will be that two power receivers will be installed on the phone, one on each side of the terminal. So, if we place it folded on the wireless charger, it will not matter which side we do it from.

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