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Xiaomi’s trick to eliminate mobile viruses

There is no fully protected mobile no matter how careful we are, although Xiaomi terminals with MIUI have an extra security that practically no other smartphone accepts. Within its more than complete security tool we have an advantage that allows us to analyze, search, find and eliminate mobile viruses in a matter of seconds.

To benefit from all this, we just have to have «Security» on our smartphone, the app that is inside the tool drawer and that we can call a whole Swiss army knife. This time we will focus on its advantages against viruses, since it will allow us to keep threats at bay so that they do not take our data or they can pose a serious problem.

Does my Xiaomi mobile have a virus?

In case you have already used this option before, it is most likely that no virus has managed to penetrate, since Xiaomi instantly analyzes all the applications that we install with its security function. In this way, even if they come from Google Play or we get the APK from the browser, we will always be protected. Without having to ask your smartphone to scan for viruses , you will do your part to get rid of them before it’s too late.

But if it had not been used, a virus could have crept in through various methods. Either with a file that we have downloaded from the email, something that we have received via Bluetooth or with just having connected a public WiFi network. There are many ways to receive a threat on the smartphone , although we will be able to end them forever in the Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco terminals.

Eliminate threats at a stroke with MIUI

To get rid of everything that could cause our smartphone and its files to be in danger is very simple. You just have to tell the system updated to the latest version, something that we will check from Settings> About the phone> MIUI version and apply new updates if there are any. Next we are going to use the security application to use the integrated antivirus:

  • We touch on «Security Scan».
  • We expect 100% of files and apps to be scanned.
  • If any threat is found, we remove it forever.

If we want to be even more sure that nothing can affect our mobile, we have to touch after the Xiaomi virus scan on the settings wheel, and modify “Definitions” to test the different anti virus systems available. In this way, even if a threat has managed to enter our mobile, it will end up leaving so as not to cause damage to the terminal.

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