You do not sleep well? This is how you will measure your sleep with your Xiaomi Mi Band

It is a fact that more and more users are switching from the analog watch to the smart one. The bad thing is that yes, we have to charge it every two or three nights, since it is not the same as putting the battery in and changing it in 5 years, but it is what has to have more advanced digital and functional cosmetic changes.

Among these improved features we can highlight, for example, the so-called sleep measurement, something that is already available in some sports bracelets that are today in the smartband market such as the Xiaomi Mi Band. If you want to know how it works, keep reading and we will explain it to you.

How to activate the sleep measurement of the Mi Band

Since 2019, the smart bracelets of the Asian firm made a small leap in terms of the functionalities that it could offer to its users. Although it is from the Mi Band 3 model of the Xiaomi sports bracelet that the feature of keeping track of the light rest first landed. Although over the years there are many changes between both sports bands, including the new color screen with change of dials, an improvement in autonomy and the best in detecting exercise when you wear the bracelet underwater. However, one of the most interesting to improve our well-being is the option of monitoring how we sleep.

It is a function in which more and more users trust to know if they have slept well or not, beyond the feeling that they have as soon as they wake up if they know that they have slept the hours they needed. Some say that they have improved their resting habits, but this depends on the seriousness with which you take the data recorded by the sports bracelet.

If you think that it is a function that you are going to take advantage of, we will show you how to activate the sleep measurement of the Mi Band. If not, we invite you to try it even if it is just out of curiosity. Let’s start with the process:

  • Open the Mi Fit app on your smartphone and click on the Profile option.
  • Look for the Mi Band in the My devices section.
  • Select the heart rate detection option.
  • There is a small button near the counter, press it.
  • The Sleep Measurement Test option will appear for you to select.
  • A message will be displayed that activating it could reduce the battery, which you have to accept.

Of course, this last step is to warn you that the device will continue to work all night. So, this will mean a greater increase in the consumption of the smartband. Therefore, what we recommend is that you use this function from time to time or otherwise you will wake up with the battery quite low every day that you use this function of your bracelet from the Chinese firm. In addition, there are several types of sleep that are recorded with this Xiaomi smart bracelet: deep, light and REM. It is even capable of calculating the time you spend awake at night.

Therefore, you will be able to see the estimated time that you have had each type of dream. In this way, you will get a rest score so that you know in detail how well you slept during the night, the closer you get to a score of 100, the better you will have rested.

How can it detect if we are sleeping?

Xiaomi’s smart band is capable of detecting if we are sleeping, and all thanks to the fact that it has different technologies with which it is possible to achieve this. In this smartband from the Chinese firm we can find sensors such as the accelerometer, the gyroscope, and the heart rate sensor to track both the body movements and the heart rate of the person wearing it. In this way, it can be determined whether or not the user is in a light or deep sleep stage.

In addition, since the arrival of the latest smart bracelets from the Asian brand, it is also possible to buy respiratory data to be able to determine if the person wearing it is in the REM phase cycle and provide complete data on their rest pattern, as well of your health. Therefore, a better way is achieved to allow the user to know its quality in a better way and thus contribute to optimizing their health. And to know if you are sleeping deep or not, what the bracelets do is that when there is hardly any movement, they determine that you are in deep rest.

However, the Mi Band will know that you are sleeping or not if we activate the tracker and our movements are very limited, such as when we are sleeping, since this is verified for example by the accelerometer of the smartband. And it also makes use of the heart rate monitor to discover if we are resting or not, since it is considered that when a person is sleeping, they have the slowest pulse. So, it is another way for the wearable to know if the user is resting.

Why doesn’t the sleep log appear?

Before activating the sleep measurement of the Mi Band, you should know some things that many users find annoying about this wearable. The first is that this function cannot properly monitor our rest. By this we mean that it will only be available at night, so it will not tell you about the nap that you had in the afternoon.

The second downside that many users put down is that the wearable is based on movement and gravity. This means that if you are one of those who move in bed while sleeping, the option may be deactivated and you will not see the record. Even if you get up in the middle of the night to go to drink water or to the bathroom, it will no longer continue to monitor our rest once you fall asleep again.

  • Download the Mi Fit app from the Google Play Store.
  • Get the Mi Fit app from the App Store.

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