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You don’t need a watch, your Realme mobile can count the steps

Although sports bracelets, smartbands or smart watches have become a widely used accessory, if you have a Realme mobile you do not have the need to get one of them. In the mobile phones of the Chinese brand we find a step counter accessible for any smartphone.

Most likely, if you have a Realme mobile, you have come across the panel dedicated to the step counter on many occasions, but you have not been able to see the option to activate it. This is because not everyone started using it after setup and we have to take a few quick steps to get it up and running. This way we will be able to control all the steps we take throughout our day from our mobile.

This is how the step counter is activated in Realme

To begin we have to know how to configure this counter that will encourage us to do sports, since it will always be visible on our mobile. The first thing we must know is how to get to the smart assistant, the Realme window that offers us this widget of steps at a glance.

To start using it, you just have to slide your finger across the mobile screen horizontally to access our panel. From here, we will be able to touch the settings wheel in the upper right and we will see all the widgets that are in different categories for the smartphone. In our case, what interests us is located in the “Life” tab.

Once inside the tab we will see that the events, the time and finally the step counter do not appear. Just by accessing it and activating it, it will be shown to us in the smart assistant of the mobile phone. Now every time we slide our finger, you can see how the counter shows us the number of steps we have taken throughout the day. To give this counter a personalized touch, Realme offers us the option of collapsing or expanding the information card of the steps. You just have to touch on the three points of the counter and choose to contract. This will remain in this way always and will only change when we touch on it. To contract again, you will have to follow this process again.

What sports information do we have?

The thing is not only limited to the steps of the day to day, but the option is completed with much more data that will be useful to us. To access them, we cannot reach them through any app, it only works from the widget that we have activated. Therefore, it is essential to have activated this step counter.

The rest of the information will be waiting for us according to our sports registry just by tapping on the step widget once it has been expanded. That will show us a series of graphs ordered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with the steps we have taken. A record that Realme will accumulate in the terminal itself, but that nevertheless cannot be kept in the Google account or any other so that when changing smartphones it is maintained.

But in addition to the steps we have taken, the smartphone thus gives us access to the distance traveled, also in the same periods of time. In addition, to encourage our number of steps, we will see the record of steps in a day, the week with the most steps or the month where we surpass ourselves.

However, one of the shortcomings that we would like to see in this step counter is the start of activities to put the smartphone to record our route through GPS and make a more advanced follow-up of the activity we are doing. This would be one of the points that separate it from other competitors, as there are more brands that use similar methods.

This own Realme tool offers us the advantage of being able to boast of the steps we have taken, it integrates an option to share the steps and kilometers on social networks. In this way we can show everyone how active we are or send it only in contact through WhatsApp or Telegram.

In this case, what we have to do is slide our finger to reach the smart assistant, then we touch the step counter and choose the reason we want to share. We can do it from a specific day, week or entire month. By touching the top right on the share button, the options menu will appear, we select the social network or the point where we want to send an identical image of what we see on the screen. In this way we save an intermediate step in taking a screenshot, cropping it and then publishing it.

What mobiles can it be used on?

Now that we know everything that this step counter offers us in Realme mobiles, we must know that it is available only in those that have the Realme UI customization layer. There is no need to have the latest version of the cape, as it is present for any of the firm regardless of whether it is a mid-range, an entry-level or high-end.

However, if we do not have a mobile phone of the brand, we will not be able to install an app that offers us this meter and there will not be options to use it. This therefore limits it solely and internally to Realme smartphones. Its function is designed to work with the brand’s software, managing to collect the steps with the Realme mobile through the gyroscope, the movements of the terminal and other data obtained by the mobile and its many integrated sensors.

Its precision is not very high, although to keep a quick and easy control of the steps on the phone it is more than enough. It is not necessary to carry the mobile in your hand, because only by going in your pocket it is able to recognize our movements and it will count the steps correctly.

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