Your Android mobile has a button to use the camera and you don’t know it

Mobile devices have become essential tools in our day to day, not only because of all the functionalities they offer us, but also because with them we can take a small camera anywhere that will give us great results. Although, it must also be clear that the quality factor will depend on the lenses you have and our ability to take images.

In addition, not only do we have the only way to press the touch screen of our smartphone to take a photo, but there is a much faster method that you may not have discovered on your own yet. And it is that it will be useful for all those users who prefer to use the main sensor on the back of their mobile, since the selfie camera is not the best.

The button on your Android to take photos

You may have already realized that there are people who manage to take perfect photos by turning the mobile and using the rear camera. And, surely, you have wondered how it is possible that they do it and, above all, that they achieve such good results. The answer is simple, we will have to press the volume up or down button, either of the two options will serve to get a capture.

Although to taste the colors, since it is not designed for all users. But it is made for those users who decide to turn their mobile over and take a snapshot with the rear cameras of their smartphone. However, you may never have realized why you did not have it activated, although it is currently set by default.

What mobiles can use the button?

One of the strengths of mobiles that have the Android operating system is the basic fact of customization. For this reason, we find the possibility of being able to take snapshots in a faster way with the touch of a button on the mobile device. Everything will depend on whether your mobile has it configured or not, since all Android mobiles have this function.

Among the most popular such as Xiaomi, Samsung or Huawei, you will have to be the one to configure it yourself. For this, you will only have to go into the settings of your camera app and look for the shutter option or press the Volume key. So, this way you will be able to take photos in a simpler and faster way.

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